Our appreciative customers have these to say about our products and services.

Banana Cake
The reason why I love this cake so much is simple. It’s so moist without being soggy and is complimented by a beautiful toffee like frosting. That just takes it to a whole new level. Definitely a firm favourite by Heaven ‘So’ Sweet. -Priscilla

Lemon Cake
I ordered this cake and it sounded good from the description but it even surpassed my expectations. The smell of the lemon zest is delicious! The icing is divine and the cake is firm and moist and it is large enough to go a long way. Marvellous. -Jolize Brazelle

Fruit Cake
“Your Fruit-Cake is an angelic order: to be served regularly at the Father’s table @ tea time & dinner. Now, how heavenly can any other get?? It’s sheer Paradise on earth!!!” -Richard Smartt Snr

Mascarpone, White Chocolate & Raspberry Cheesecake
Cheesecake – God have mercy, I really hope God has your cheesecake in heaven and that we have tongues to lick our plates clean! I was in dreamland! -Tom

Cheesecake lover Titi says; it surpasses all those I have tasted before. I enjoyed the biscuit base as much as the filling. Fresh raspberries throughout the cake as well as on top was such lovely experience! -Titi

Apple Mac Crumble
World’s best apple pie. Period! It is all organic and the thinly sliced apples are indulging in every bite…simply a pie that is hard to share. -Ivie Baker

Cappuccino Truffle Cake
Having only tried this cake once, I think I’m in love. Teaming up two if my favourite flavours; chocolate and coffee it’s a wonderfully intense cake without being overpowering. If you love Ferrero Rocher or Baileys then you’ll be thoroughly impressed. Can’t wait to order my next one! -Priscilla.

Cake Pops
The cake pop gift……don’t know where to start, it had all you could think of. The use of everyday simplistic stuff yet so much thought & technique brought together to create it then wrapped with love. A heavenly so sweet taste! Thanx JQ. – Alice

These make such a beautiful display and their deliciously yummy and moist inside which is even better. -Jolize Brazelle

First of all, thank you, the cake pops were over the top blessing! Very well presented, looked yummy before I even tried them. All in all the moisture of your cakes are just so, so, so, so, so tasty and perfect. Presentation is also very, very well done. In short, a very gifted woman who is going to win people over with their taste buds. -Suzanne

The cake pop gift was oh yummy and a delightful mother’s day present that was so pretty to look at and most importantly, tasty. The ‘lollipop’ cakes were moist and light and had my taste buds dancing for joy and the cupcake was delicious. Thank you for a memorable treat! -Tosin

Red Velvet Cupcakes
As I sit at work writing this review I close my eyes and remember the moist, warm and utterly delicious taste of these red velvet cupcakes. I was given the cupcakes for my birthday, at first they looked to good to eat but then I could no longer resist the sweet smell of the frosting.

Pistachio Blueberry Cupcakes
Delicate, “morning dew moist”, and irresistible…I’m not a cupcake person, but these are absolutely enticing! -Ivie Baker

The white frosting was smooth, light and fluffy and the cake was scrumptious – the only downside was that I had to share. I will definitely be ordering some more! – Maria

As a big fan of the Red Velvet, not many people get it right. When I was told about Heaven So Sweet’s Red Velvet cupcakes, the proof was really in the pudding. When it came to tasting the cupcakes for the first time, they didn’t disappoint! I’m not the type of person who is easily pleased and likes anything – I know when something is good! And Heaven So Sweet Red Velvet Cupcakes are good! : ) -Leah

Strawberry Cream Cake
The strawberry cream cake was delicious. I surprised some friends with the cake and we all loved it. Thanks so much for creating cakes for special moments/surprises with friends. – Legolie Family

I’m not really a cake or dessert person as I find them either too sweet, too dry or just not the right ‘tastiness’! But Heaven So Sweet produces cakes and desserts that I can’t get enough of! Moist, tasty and beautifully presented. Victoria Sponge is my favourite! Whenever I need a cake for an occasion or just want to spoil myself… Heaven So Sweet is who I call. – Shardaé Smith

About Our Services-

Her attention to detail is brilliant and the canapés she made were of a very high standard. The summer punches she designed were a refreshing accompaniment too. I would highly recommend JQ for events. She is a joy to work with, professional, organised and calm. – Anne Dixon

I recently had the pleasure of working with JQ when I asked her to design and provide Canapés and drinks for our Women’s Event. JQ was great at listening to what was required and took on board the feel of the event. She suggested wonderful canapés and fruit punch for our event.

Heaven So Sweet, is not just a name, but describes a company that offers delicious dishes that contain a myriad of flavours, and choices. I have used Heaven So Sweets efficient and excellent services for working lunches and weekend events and have never been let down by either the wonderful food or the quality service. With mouth watering dishes including Key Lime Pie, and Praise parcels, I will surely be using your services again and again, if not for the addictive sandwiches, then definitely for the divine mini cakes. – Ellie Majdoub, Trinity Baptist Church (TBC)